Who are we


Founded in 1996, with the mission of eradicating housing poverty, Asssociação Humanitária Domus – Dignificar a Habitação was renamed in August 2021, as a result of the end of the partnership with Habitat For Humanity, which no longer included Portugal in their sphere of action.



This organization will continue to follow the same line of inspiration that has guided it since 1996, the result of the idea of ​​its founders Linda and Millard Fuller. In August 25, we signed a new partnership with The Fuller Center for Housing.


Our work has been possible thanks to the unconditional support of several people who have cherished our project over the years. Without this mutual help between volunteers, many of them international, entities, companies, employees and beneficiary families, it would not have been possible to bring our mission to this point.


Since the foundation of this organization, in 1996, more than 100 families have been supported in order to have a decent home.

antes e depois



In 2010 our first project was carried out outside the district of Braga, specifically in Amarante, where we have a representation, thanks to the support of the Fundação Manuel António da Mota.

Unfortunately, there are still many families living in degrading conditions and, therefore, we will continue our fight against housing poverty in Portugal.



Housing is a major concern of needy Portuguese families, with 65% of them living in dilapidated housing and 8.5% in shacks. One of our biggest challenges is to change the culture of subsidy dependency, so we involve the family in building or rehabilitating their home.


It is our conviction and experience that a family that starts living in a dignified and safe house acquires the foundations to develop a healthy and balanced family life.




General Assembly


President – Maria Teresa Queirós Vasconcelos Mota Neves da Costa
Vice-president – Paula Alexandra Correia Veloso da Veiga Benesch
Secretary – Carlos Manuel Azevedo Pina Vaz



Fiscal Council


President – Ricardo Daniel Martins Costa
Vice-president – António Alberto Lobo Ferreira Gonçalves
Member – Maria Margarida da Silva Machado Botelho Rodrigues



Board of Directors


President – Helena Maria Vale Rego Vinhas Bastos Pina Vaz
Vice-president – Amanda Moreton Chohfi Roquette Geraldes
Tesurer – Cláudio Daniel Aguiar Neto Guimarães
Member – Elisabete de Oliveira Saldanha
Member – Luís Almeida Costa





Ana Sofia da Costa Gonçalves
Filipa Maria Barbosa de Barros
Hassan Shilash
João Paulo da Costa Oliveira